Australians prefer modern interiors

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Australians prefer modern interiors

Most of us don’t move into the perfect home, so there’s always a little work to do transforming our houses and apartments into what we consider stylish and homely. But what styles do Australians like the most?

What styles push our buttons?

Recent data from suggests we like our interiors to be crisp, calm and clean, with over a third of us opting for modernism over something more whimsical, such as Boho.


What is ‘modernism’?

In it’s simplest form, think clean lines, uncluttered spaces, furniture with purpose and often subtly, or striking feature pieces which ooze charisma.

Newer-style building materials such as steel and glass lend themselves to a modern look and are readily available at many price levels, which could be why this trend has taken off. We can’t ignore the blue and yellow branded Swedish store, which brings us affordable space saving, smart storage options and minimal pieces with function. Thanks Ikea. A good place to get inspired.

The rise of open plan living areas also lends itself well to this minimalist style, keeping spaces functionally accessorised rather than overwhelmed. And trends around living with less stuff have been well documented, so our penchant for modernism may also been an offshoot of wanting fewer things in our sanctuaries.

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‘Traditional’ – a little heavier on the eye



A traditional look was also highly sought after, with 25% of people choosing it as their preferred choice.

A traditional look generally incorporates a little European ‘je ne sai quois’ and is classic by nature. Traditional usually features natural materials, elegant furniture, heavier furnishings  and fabrics, and classic patterns and colours. We’re talking more fleur de lis than chevron, cream over stark white and deep colours rather than neon brights.

What about Boho?


Image: Martha Feld

Boho (short for bohemian) is eclectic, colourful and full of personality. It’s characterised by natural colours and textures, and a laid back, earthy sensibility with creative flourishes.

What’s age got to do with it?

Unsurprisingly, 44% of the people who chose modernism as their preferred interiors style are between 25 – 34 years old, but almost 30% of those aged 35 – 44 also put it top of their list.


Stick to your own style

While we love taking inspiration from different styles and trends, it’s important to remember who your home is for – you. And you know your own tastes best, so don’t be afraid to mix things up.

Home stager and interiors writer Naomi Findlay has some great tips, and says it’s important to stick to your style: “So many of us label ourselves with what we think our style or design ethic is, like modernism, eclectic, urban.  Truth be know there are so many different versions of each known style, there are subsets and even fusions.”

“What is most important and what is becoming a trend in itself is working with your own style. The move is definitely towards creating spaces that you will live in and enjoy for years and years to come work hard on discovering what your own style is and then surround yourself in it,” says Naomi.

Do you find the thought of interiors too much? Or do you relish in the thought of transforming a room?

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