Investment House Builder in Brisbane

We have built many houses for investors in key suburbs and have a history of how these houses have performed for the owners.  Where possible we have aimed for high rent returns in suburbs likely to retain value and show good growth in the long term.  There has been sustained rental demand in Brisbane and south east Queensland, and most of the experts are telling us this demand will continue.  The houses we have built are favored by tenants as being comfortable, useable, and well appointed.  Real estate rental agents have often told us they are pleased to receive the contract to rent one of our houses as they rent quickly and have few problems.  What problems that do arise are fixed promptly by our professional home builders in Brisbane.


Off the shelf investment house designed for you

Do you have a difficult development site?  We have designs for investment houses off the shelf for which we can adapt to suit your development conditions.  We can tailor the inclusion level to match the  market price needed in that area and the end sale price you are intending.  Where we have done similar development previously, we can share the details with you to assist with your final decisions to make the project work.

Project Management

Get things done without delay

Your first development?  We can manage the project for you, using our expertise and contacts to get things done without delay, and our trades to do the work.

With the Affordable Housing Company, you can be assured of:
  • A project that stays on schedule
  • Get our prices from the trades and consultants we employ
  • An estimate of development cost at the start
  • Transparent process
  • No paddling for contingencies
You get to see what is involved in the development process and if you will be in the position of being able to do your next development yourself. Or you can sit back and re-engage us to do the work for you again.

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