Our Construction Company Services in Brisbane

construction company brisbaneWe can build your house in Brisbane on time and with the quality you expect.  Our construction system is based on a starting date for your house and then continued scheduling of work on site to complete the house without delay.  At Affordable Housing Company, you will be very happy with the constant progress made on your site and the speed at which your house is completed.


Our supervisors have many years experience in building site management day to day.  They will keep your job running and prevent problems.  Each construction stage is inspected and a report is issued.  These reports are checked by the building certifier and form part of the building final certification.


We have teams of trades assigned to build your house.  These trades people have worked with us for many years and understand the need for attention to detail in all the work they do for us and for keeping to the schedule we have drawn up for the construction of your home.


Our suppliers also have worked with us for many years.  They have helped us to optimize the value of the materials and processes we use to build your house.  The fixtures and fittings we use have also been optimized for best appearance, value and service.  Our key suppliers are nationwide businesses, providing a depth of inventory to prevent delays.  They are able to back up with a solid warranty, all the items supplied to us to put into your house.  Using nationwide suppliers also provides the purchasers of our houses, who may be any where in Australia, the ability to go into a local store to view the fixtures and fittings being installed into the house being built for them in Brisbane.

Construction Plans

We build your house from our own, in-house produced construction plans.  We have optimized these plans for efficient construction and best quality.  If you already have plans that you own, or sketches you have drawn up, we can convert these for you into detailed construction plans.  Optimized construction plans will make the construction of your house easier, quicker and of better value for you.  The construction plans we prepare will be suitable for building your house in Brisbane.