Our House Building Services in Brisbane

house builders in brisbane
With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our team of licensed home builders have been involved in numerous building projects in Brisbane. Because every house is unique, we make sure our services fit the varying needs of our customers. You can be sure of quality work done and excellent customer services with the Affordable Housing Company.

Providing Land For House And Land Packages

We can quickly find the block of land suited for you

We have many contacts through the real estate and development industry to continuously obtain desirable land for our house and land packages. If you have special requirements, we can usually locate a block of land to suit you. The lots we locate sell very quickly. Contact us to be notified when lots are coming up.

Own Land Already?

We perform on site inspection, design discussion, and price estimate

We perform on site inspection and design discussion for a block of land you already own or are thinking of buying.  We can give you an estimate for build price based on the type of house you are wanting.

Doing Your Own Development?

We can incorporate them as separate or part of building contract

If you have a block of land which you are looking to develop, we can also incorporate the development of the land into the building process either as a separate project managed stage or as part of the building contract.

Design For Your Needs

We can adapt your required designs

How many bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas do you desire?  How big should the house be?  What appearance do you want?  These are all questions we ask you in the design process.  We have many designs we can show you.  We can adapt any of these to suit your needs, desires, and budget.

Inclusions To Suit

We have a range of inclusions and upgrades to choose from

Once the design is settled, the fixtures and fittings you want included in the house are discussed.  We have a standard range of hardware, plumbing, electrical, and appliances that we have chosen to give good service and be backed by warranties. You may decide to use our range or upgrade and add as needed to make your house unique.

Investment Houses

We can provide the services for your project from start to finish

We can adjust the designs and inclusion levels to suit the specific needs of investment properties.

Building Without Delays

We meet target of completion date

We understand your needs and keenness to get your house finished as soon as possible.  Our building system is to schedule work on your house at the start of the build so the work flow at the site is continuous.   We aim to minimize hold ups due to weather.  We make all efforts to limit other delays due to lack of manpower or materials.

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