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We design livable houses of all types for building on development blocks in established Brisbane suburbs. Often termed "infill development", building on a block in a middle to inner suburb gives owners and investors a house with all the advantages of good facilities, transport, schools, and shopping, plus an existing community to immediately connect with. Historically, capital gains have been better for properties closer to the CBD of our capital cities in Australia. We can help you feel more secure in your investment with our designs for infill development.

Small Lot Code

We make the most of the space that is available on any particular lot.

There are many reasons why owners and investors would choose established suburbs to build a house in Brisbane. However, there is quite an art in designing a house that is livable, and maintains its value on these smaller infill development lots as there are many design code requirements the house must conform to. You can be confident of our designs as we have built over 100 of these houses in Brisbane. You will be pleased at the feeling of space our designs have.

Difficult Sites

Designs for difficult sites can often transform the value of the land.

Vehicle access issues, difficult slopes, and development issues like build over sewer or build over storm water can be transformed from a negative to being neutralized by a careful design for a house that "goes with" the problem rather than fighting against it.

In-house Design

All of our house designs can be customized.

This gives us the flexibility to tailor our designs to fit your block. If you already have plans that you own, or sketches you have drawn up, then we can prepare plans for you. Often, we can find a similar design we have built before which will speed up the process, give you something to look at, and give you the confidence that the design will work for you. We have houses being built in Brisbane all the time that you can have a look at to help you with understanding room sizes, layouts, and other features as they are being constructed.

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