What Type of Investment Property Should You Buy and Build in Brisbane?

Patterson Completed House Front exterior by AHC Brisbane Builder

What Type of Investment Property Should You Buy and Build in Brisbane?

Depending upon the locality, good quality single storey houses may be the "go".  They are quick to build and have lower risk involved.  They appeal to a wider client base and still pick up a good price as you can sell to the cashed up downsizers.  Investors still like to buy as many bedrooms as possible so 4 bedrooms sell better than 3 bedrooms.

What House Designs Can You Recommend and What Are Their Price Estimates?

We have 2 designs – the Cameron (138.1) at about 180 m2 and $194,700 to build and the Patterson (114.1) at about 200 m2 and $208,700 to build.  These prices are for our premium turnkey package plus part render and stone kitchen benches.  Both designs give houses that are the best on the market when they are completed.  They have good inclusions, neat appearance, and have high ceilings in the living outdoor areas.  So they sell quickly and get good prices and better overall returns to the developer. We can back off the inclusions to reduce build prices, but the people with money want the best and will pay a premium in the current market.

How Fast Can You Build These Houses in Brisbane?

Build time is about 12 weeks from slab down.

We are building the Cameron regularly in Wynnum.  We have just completed two which we can show before tenants come in, and we have three under construction which we have just sold 2 off the plan to downsizers.

We also build the Patterson regularly – it’s the luxury lowset and gets high prices in the right suburbs $750,000 in Ashgrove for example.

Can I See The Completed Houses?

If you are able to get to Wynnum, we can show you through the completed Cameron design. Both these designs are on our website and we can list your houses for sale on our website as they are being built.

For further enquiries, the AHC Builders in Brisbane can be contacted at support@ahcbrisbane.com.au, or through phone: 0417 729 202.

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