Completed! Shiralee Key Worker Share House, 5 Bed, 5 Bath, 5 Car

153.2 Shiralee shared accomodation house front exterior design - AHC Brisbane Builders

Completed! Shiralee Key Worker Share House, 5 Bed, 5 Bath, 5 Car

Project: Single storey high set house (design number 153.2, Shiralee) built to the rooming accommodation code with luxury, single bedrooms with ensuite and food preparation bench.  The house is designed to be safe, secure and desirable renting for key workers.  Access is via an optional remote opening gate for one undercover parking place per bedroom.  The house and each bedroom have digital door locks and the bedrooms are fully furnished.  A common room has a fully functional kitchen, dining and living. Laundry facilities are shared in a separate laundry with two washing machines and two washing lines outside. 

October 2015. Construction is now finished and the house is rented. Photos of the finished and furnished bedrooms are shown. 

Construction start was May 2015 On this site two 153.2 design houses were constructed on individual lots. The site is subject to flood and the finished floor height had to be 5.5 m which provides space for car accommodation under. 

To achieve the 5.5 m finished floor height the houses were built to the enclosed stage on steel beams at ground level then raised on jacks to full height and re-stumped. Stairs and landings were fitted then the internal fixing completed.

Photos are of the construction phase together with artists impressions of the finished appearance.

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