Our Team of House Builders in Brisbane

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Geoff Bayly
General Manager

Geoff Bayly, a licensed home builder in Brisbane, does the sales and marketing for Affordable Housing Company, a family outfit doing building and development in Brisbane.  Geoff has a long involvement in the property industry.  From the first amateur renovation of a two bedroom weather board cottage and a near impossible 5 lot subdivision, Geoff has always been in the “Just-Do-It” camp.  Moving from part- time to full-time involvement in property in the 90’s Geoff has worked thru the sales, maintenance, rentals and now the construction and development industry.  Affordable Housing Company does small to medium developments and helps out other small developers with solutions to “What To Build” and how to overcome the inevitable problems that pop up to confound the small developer.  The company is always on the lookout for solutions to achieve best returns for property investors.

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Brennan Brook
Construction Manager
In charge of all Construction work, Brennan ensures jobs are delivered on time and on budget.
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Peter Brook
Site Supervisor / Maintenance Manager
Peter handles all of the Site Supervison and Maintenance duties.
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James Brook
Site Supervisor
James handles all major activities on sites from Scaffolding, Rigging, Landscaping, Machinery, and Civil Works.
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Samuel Brook
Sales Manager
During Sam's career he has developed comprehensive expertise in all aspects of Residential Property Management and Commercial/Industrial sales and leasing.

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