About Us

Affordable Housing Company Pty Ltd

At Affordable Housing Company, our licensed home builders in Brisbane can provide you with a one stop shop for property development and construction. Over many years of locating, developing, designing, and building residential housing, we have brought together a team of professionals and trades with a passion for property in all its facets.

Residential Development & Construction for SE QLD

Affordable Housing Company is a privately owned and operated Australian family business specializing in building turn-key homes for owner occupiers and investors in the South East Queensland area.  We have been involved in building numerous styles of buildings from multi-level architectural designed homes to commercial high-rise.  Using this experience, we have created a series of houses that have been practically designed for modern living, that are cost effective and low maintenance.

[dt_sc_pullquote type=”pullquote4″ align=”center” icon=”yes” textcolor=”#ab5e00″]Founded on a vision of Innovative Design, Quality Workmanship, Excellent Customer Service, and Genuine Value for Money.  Working on the basis that demand Customer Focus should be the driving factors behind our products.[/dt_sc_pullquote]

We love what we do.  All of our staff have extensive experience and background knowledge in the house building industry.  Not only are they licensed builders, but they have also fulfilled numerous roles over many decades experience within the industry.

From our in-house people, we are able to give you speedy service for:
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  • Estimates, both for development & construction,
  • Example plans from our library of sketches, mockups and plans
  • Preparing detail plans for development applications (DA) and for building applications. (BA)
  • Residential construction in the shortest time possible

We pride ourselves on our finished work and as such we pay close attention to the small details.  We have put together a long term team of suppliers and QBCC Licensed tradesmen (many of whom have been working with for over 10 years).

From the professionals we work with, we assist you for obtaining the information you need on:

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  • Surveying and town planning
  • Services for sewer, water, electricity
  • Demolitions and building certification.
  • Colour selections and interior design information
  • Staging and sales for the final product

It is through a combination of this approach, our desire to satisfy our clients, and our ability to take the obstacles and guesswork out of building new homes that puts Affordable Housing Company at the leading edge of the turn-key housing market.


For Real Estate Investors

Affordable Housing Company gives you the opportunity to invest in quality residential property in established city locations where owner occupiers make up 60% or more of the housing in the area.  This is resulting in better tenants, lower vacancy rates, higher rents, and above average capital growth.  Queensland is renowned for its “Work Live Play” lifestyle, and Brisbane’s Bayside paints this picture perfectly.

[dt_sc_pullquote type=”pullquote4″ align=”center” icon=”yes” textcolor=”#ab5e00″]Our fully complete turn-key homes are designed to make your experience as stress-free as possible.[/dt_sc_pullquote]

We offer a secure investment opportunity by enabling investors to deal directly with a builder who has been building homes in Queensland for 30 years.  We have a range of property types to suit different investors’ needs in high capital growth areas, all finished to the same high standard.  We liaise with the local rental agencies as to building progress so they will have tenants ready to go as soon as the houses are completed.  Besides strong rental returns in Queensland, there are also excellent tax advantages through depreciation with companies like BMT Quantity Surveyors.  And all homes come with a 6 year Builders and Statutory Warranties.

Company Activities For Construction & Development

Affordable Housing Company, as a construction company, builds 20 – 50 houses per year.  Apart from construction, we also are experts in development and subdivision of land in existing suburbs.  We do 10 – 20 small development each year for ourselves and others as project managers or JV partners.  We call on a highly experienced team of professionals to ensure our developments proceed successfully and in a timely manner.

But that’s not the full story.  We have an in-house design team to create plans and solutions for difficult projects.  We assist investors and our partners in locating prime development opportunities and also to market the properties on completion.

[dt_sc_pullquote type=”pullquote4″ align=”center” icon=”yes” textcolor=”#ab5e00″]Affordable Housing Company is truly a one-stop-shop for real estate development in SE Queensland.[/dt_sc_pullquote]

We can always find time for you at Affordable Housing Company, we understand it does take time to get the right deal in place or the final design to your satisfaction or just making the decision to build in the first place.

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